Waterpolo at Club Natació Poble Nou

Water polo, one of the most dynamic and exciting sports disciplines, holds a prominent place at Club Natació Poble Nou. This aquatic sport combines swimming skills, team strategy, and physical endurance, offering a comprehensive experience for both veteran athletes and newcomers.

Ideal for children, youths, and adults with a passion for team sports, water polo at our club not only promotes physical development but also instills values such as solidarity, commitment, and discipline. Our water polo section is committed to providing a supportive environment where each player can enhance their skills, technique, and tactical understanding of the game.

Training sessions are designed to strengthen endurance, speed, and accuracy, preparing our athletes for competitions at both regional and national levels. With a focus on team cohesion and individual excellence, we foster a space where everyone can thrive and contribute to collective success.

At Club Natació Poble Nou, we believe that water polo is more than a sport; it is a shared passion that unites people and creates a family both in and out of the water. We invite all those interested to join us and discover how water polo can enrich their sporting and personal lives.




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