Centenary of Club Natació Poble Nou

This year marks a historic milestone: the centenary of Club Natació Poble Nou. A hundred years have passed since we began to forge our legend, and now is the time to celebrate it with all of you. Our history is rich in sporting achievements, overcoming challenges, and an unquenchable passion that unites us.

Explore Our Journey

We invite you to take a visual journey through our history with a carefully selected collection of fold photos. Each snapshot captures a unique moment, telling the story of a community united by love for sport.

Experience the Club’s Stories

The centenary blog, led by former international and Olympic athlete of the club, Gaspar Ventura, a top-level sports figure in water polo and swimming in Catalonia and Spain, offers a window into the anecdotes and stories that have woven the essence of Club Natació Poble Nou. You will discover how the club has become an integral part of many lives, with stories ranging from the thrill of competition to the joy of community.

A Year of Celebrations

A broad calendar of activities awaits all who wish to be part of this year of celebration. From sporting events to social gatherings, each activity is designed to honour our past, celebrate the present, and inspire the future.
This page is a meeting point for everyone who has been part of our history. We invite you to participate in the tributes, remember the triumphs, and forge new memories that will last for the next hundred years.

Welcome to the centenary celebration of Club Natació Poble Nou!

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