Board of Directors


Jordi Homs

Vice President:
Joan Carles Gallardo

Carles Cintora

Jordi Garcia

Board member:
Eva Martínez

Letter to Members:

Dear Members,

Club Natació Poble Nou one of the historic swimming clubs in our city, was founded in 1924. We have thus entered the select group of centenarian clubs in Catalonia.

The club has solidified its legal management structure through the creation of the Poblenou 1924 Foundation, which has replaced and integrated all the management experience of the former SL GACE that managed the concession of CEM Can Felipa. It has been a laborious and unprecedented process in the landscape of municipal management and technically complex, but we have had the approval of the IBE with whom we have worked closely at all times. Given the social, sports, and non-profit nature of both the club and the municipal administrative concession, the legal figure of the Foundation is the most appropriate, and this was the reason for the change.

We are now in the final moments of the Can Felipa concession, which we have managed from its inception 34 years ago. The City Council has made the decision, which we welcome, to dedicate the entire building to sports uses and completely renew the pool basin, transforming it into a 33-meter pool suitable for high-level competition. Needless to say, we are thrilled and will work hard to continue managing the concession.

The equipment of the CEM Besòs in Sant Adrià continues its slow consolidation after having suffered considerably the effects of the closure caused by the pandemic. Thanks to its water surface, we can accommodate the training and competition of our two aquatic sections. We aspire to continue carrying out the social, sporting, and educational work in this facility located in a very complex socio-economic area, and therefore very much in need of engaging projects that help to unite the territory while providing values and identity that the club is capable of offering.

Our objective is to link the territory to a benchmark project of educational and sports excellence. We are firmly committed to training athletes from their training schools for the youngest to elite competition, not only in a project of sporting excellence but also through four fundamental values: commitment, respect, humility, and passion.

Jordi Homs